The Original Brat Dogs makes its mark on Minnesota

The Original Brat Dogs makes its mark on Minnesota

MANKATO, Minn. (KEYC) - The Original Brat Dogs food stand is growing rapidly and making appearances all around Minnesota.

Today they shared their creation at Hay Daze in Janesville.

Brat Dogs are a spin-off of the Corn Dog. Co–owners Randy and Josh value quality meat and ensure it is the driving force behind their makings.

“It’s quality. Quality first and foremost. We traveled and we tested a lot of different meat shops, we wanted, we both agreed that quality trumps everything. So that’s what we did, we wanted to take something, that again a concept that was a classic, but just improve it and make it better. And we picked Steve’s meat market down in Ellendale, they were above and beyond our expectations,” co-owner Josh Wells said.

The meat is combined with different ingredients to appeal to different palettes.

The meat is then fried with batter and decorated with a variety of sauces.

The owners say a fan favorite is the honey.

The Original Brat Dogs aspire to share their makings at the Minnesota State Fair, until then you can catch them at many events around Minnesota.

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