Tobacco 21 begins in Mankato

Tobacco 21 begins in Mankato

MANKATO, Minn. (KEYC) - After passing in May, the Tobacco 21 ordinance goes into effect June 24 in Mankato.

Mankato follows more than 30 cities in the state including Waseca, St. Peter and North Mankato in enacting the ordinance, impacting just over 25 percent of the state’s population in total.

As of June 24, Mankato businesses are also now checking ID’s and making sure tobacco is sold to only those 21 or older.

“It wasn’t just something that we thought of or agreed on overnight, as you know it did not pass the first session, but this time it did and it was the citizens of Mankato educating the council on the importance of the health of the children, the younger citizens of Mankato,” said Mankato Mayor, Najwa Massad.

Mankato Public Safety will be checking business owners are complying along with educating businesses about Tobacco 21.

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