MSU Mankato continues its strive for inclusivity

MSU Mankato continues its strive for inclusivity

MANKATO, Minn. (KEYC) - In their prime season for orientations, Minnesota State University, Mankato is letting all incoming students know they are welcome.

The university's LGBT Center is doing its part by hosting a booth, handing out fun buttons and helpful resources.

Director of African American Affairs Kenneth Reid said the center and its allies are taking many steps to ensure LGBT students feel at home during their time at MSU, including use of safe zone training.

“Safe zone training let’s an individual know that this person is aware of what it means to be gender neutral, who understands the difference between binary and non-binary, and also just what it means between sexuality, sex and etc.,” said Reid. “We also make sure that students know that we have resources on campus such as the LGBT Center, directors in the multicultural center, and even faculty members that are around campus there just to talk with the student.”

The LGBT center is located inside the Centennial Student Union on campus.

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