Multiple Mankato projects seek sales tax funding

Multiple Mankato projects seek sales tax funding

MANKATO, Minn. (KEYC) - Monday night, the Mankato City Council approved a sales tax grant of up to $110,000 for VINE Adult Community Center.

The money will go toward the replacement of a failing retaining wall.

“It’s, it’s very, very old. It’s made out of landscape timbers and it’s giving way," said VINE executive director Pam Determan.

Determan said she approached the city in the last month to see if money would be available to help fix it.

According to Determan, a couple of years ago, when the Council was voting on sales tax money and how it would be used, the intention was that some of it would be dedicated to non–profits like the community center, which qualifies as a senior center.

The center is not the only organization seeking similar funding.

When the Local Option Sales Tax Amendment was authorized by the state in 2017, the city of Mankato was authorized to borrow up to $47 million against future proceeds of sales tax for projects of regional interest.

According to city manager Patrick Hentges, local option sales tax use can include things like construction and improvements to flood control. It can also include regional public safety improvements and water quality improvement projects in Blue Earth and Nicollet counties.

“And then, you know, those other types of facilities like transit and making transportation improvements," he said.

Determan said she plans to seek additional funding for the community center for things like elevator improvements and a covered drop–off and pick–up center.

“I would say probably 20 percent of the people, maybe 25 percent of the people, who come here have mobility limitations and it would be just very nice for them to be dropped off," she said.

In order to determine funding eligibility, the Mankato City Council requires feasibility reports.

“We do have a fair amount of ability to fund some fairly large–scale projects and a lot of small projects that ultimately, you know, some of our facilities need updating, and modernization and expansion and so those are the things we’re evaluating right now," said Hentges.

The extension continues until 2038.

Stay tuned to for updates surrounding this funding.

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