Hilltop Florist & Greenhouse owners announce retirement

Hilltop Florist & Greenhouse owners announce retirement

MANKATO, Minn. (KEYC) - It’s been a Mankato institution since 1880.

Hilltop Florist & Greenhouse will soon close, as its current owners look to pass the business on to someone new.

The current owners of Hilltop Florist & Greenhouse have made the decision to retire after 43 years, marking the end of an era for this 139–year–old business.

Jene Biewen, Noel Van Tol and Larry & Kathy Van Tol announced the decision today via Facebook.

“Well, it of course was a huge decision and a big emotional struggle,” Noel Van Tol said.

Noel, descended from a family of florists, bought the business from her parents – who bought it in 1956 from two prior owners.

The business began as a floral shop with the largest single span greenhouse west of the Mississippi – to a stop that also offers gifts, paint, home décor, and so much more.

“We never sat still, we always were looking for the next trend or the next idea – and with creative staff," Kathy Van Tol said.

The inspiration behind the distinct and quality brand of Hilltop has been passed down from the original ownership.

“We made an agreement amongst ourselves when we first started, and it’s actually been passed onto us, do the very best we can – not the least we can do to get by," Larry Van Tol said.

Abby Mershon, a Hilltop regular, has come to the shop for all of her major life events.

“Hilltop has been in my family for three generations and it’s just kind of come for circle,” Mershon said.

Now as the owners look to pass the baton, the business is open to a wide array of potential.

“There was our way of doing it and her mother and father’s way of doing it – but that doesn’t mean that’s the only way of doing it. I’d love to see whatever the creativity the next person would have,” Larry said.

Right now the shop is set to close Saturday, July 27th – in the meantime new ownership is being sought out.

With the dedication to its existing customers, Hilltop Florist Weddings will remain in operation through January 31st of 2020.

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