Mantas dive into Red, White and Blue Meet

Mantas dive into Red, White and Blue Meet

MANKATO, Minn. (KEYC) - Competitive swimmers from around the area took a break from the heat as the Mantas dove into its annual Red, White and Blue meet Friday at Tourtellotte swimming pool.

The meet runs this weekend from Friday through Sunday featuring 12 teams and about 500 athletes total.

“This is our sixth year of running this meet in its format, we started with just four teams, some of the original teams are here but the meet has grown in popularity its become more of a championship meet in long–course swimming in the state of Minnesota. We wanted a meet where we could have a competition for our athletes where they don’t have to travel, being that we’re not in the cities, most of our kids have to travel at least an hour to go somewhere. We ran earlier competitions in June and decided that many times the weather wasn’t favorable so we moved it a little bit back and thought why not, close to the fourth of July, we’ll start to celebrate this way,” Alex Lindstrom, Mantas coach, said.

The Red, White and Blue meet continues Saturday morning. The first heat is set to take place at 8:30.

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