Mankato looks to upgrade Tourtellotte Pool using sales tax funding

Mankato looks to upgrade Tourtellotte Pool using sales tax funding

MANKATO, Minn. (KEYC) - Right now, the City of Mankato, which owns Tourtellotte Pool, is looking at making upgrades to the facility.

To help fund the project, they’re looking at tapping a portion of the approximately $47 million they were authorized to borrow in 2017.

“They actually started asking the public questions a couple of years ago. They started talking to the different sport organizations," said Alex Lindstrom, the head coach of Mantas Swim Club.

Mantas Swim Club frequently uses the pool for activities such as swim meets.

Lindstrom said upgrades would include deck improvements.

“They want to do improvements such as turning the bathhouse into an updated facility with updated locker rooms, updated bathrooms," he said.

Lindstrom, who has been attending meetings with the city, said it is too early to determine how much money will be used.

Mankato City Manager Patrick Hentges told us last month that local option sales tax use can include things like construction.

“We do have a fair amount of ability to fund some fairly large–scale projects and a lot of small projects that ultimately, you know, some of our facilities need updating," he said.

The last time Tourtellotte Pool received any major upgrades was in the early 80′s.

“The upgrades would allow us to continue and improve our meets, our competitions and the events that we host here," said Lindstrom.

Lindstrom said the design process will continue for around another year or so.

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