Weather continues to threaten 2019 crops

Weather continues to threaten 2019 crops

HANSKA, Minn. (KEYC) - Weather caused planting delays for farmers and now that crops are in the ground, weather is continuing to wreak havoc on the plants with rain, hail and wind gusts.

“Normally our corn is this tall in the middle of May, end of May, and now we’re in July already,” said Hanska area farmer, Wayne Rossbach.

Rossbach was lucky enough to get all his acres planted.

“We got everything planted, we did, but it was a struggle, but the last planting we did was June 8, which is almost a month too late,” said Rossbach.

Most of his acres have taken a hit thanks to unfavorable weather.

“Our yields will be down, roughly 30 percent, our corn stand we planted 36,000 plants per acre and we took some stand counts in some of the fields and we were down around 7,000 plants per acre but it’s quite variable,” said Rossbach.

That variability can cause its own issues further down the road come harvest time.

“The plants have been set back so far that they won’t mature at the same time, so there’s a possibility of frost damage because everything is set back so far,” said Rossbach.

Differences between plant growth can be seen from acre to acre, making Rossbach thankful for crop insurance and the help getting by.

“We’re going to be depending heavily on that this year, just like last year, we did too. We should be able to make it through. If it wasn’t for crop insurance I don’t know what I’d be doing I guess,” said Rossbach.

Though it’s not easy right now, there’s nothing else he’d rather do.

“I worked off the farm for 30 years and the best day off the farm is not as good as the worst day farming,” said Rossbach.

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