Businesses seeking alternative after compost site closes

Businesses seeking alternative after compost site closes

GOOD THUNDER, Minn. (KEYC) - Midwest Recycling Solutions abruptly closed its composting facility near Good Thunder last week.

Organizations like Mankato Zero Waste are currently working to find a solution for local businesses who use the compost site to dispose their organic food waste.

“We were notified on Thursday of last week that the compost facility is closing and they would no longer be able to take compost,” Natasha Frost, owner of the Wooden Spoon in Mankato, said.

Frost says they’re committed to protecting the environment and limiting their carbon footprint. That’s why they invest in biodegradable products and compost their food waste. And she says they’re not alone.

“We’re also lucky to have other small businesses, the Coffee Hag, Mom and Pop’s and Tandem Bagels are also very committed,” she said.

All four businesses compost at Midwest Recycling Solutions near Good Thunder, the only composting site in our area, until it closed.

We couldn't reach the site's operator for an explanation of why they closed so abruptly.

But the facility's wastewater was being monitored by the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency, according to the landowner.

The MPCA was concerned about polyfluoroalkyl pollutants, or PFAS, which are microplastics commonly found in waste water.

It's an issue compost sites have been facing nationwide.

Meanwhile, affected local businesses are looking at other eco-friendly places to move some of their organics.

"We are also working with a local farm out of Butternut to see if we can get some of the food waste diverted and be fed to the chickens."

The city of Mankato is currently looking into other sites where local organic material could be composted.

But until they find a solution, those businesses that once used this compost facility will have to throw their organics in the landfill.

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