Mankato veterinarian’s license suspended indefinitely

Mankato veterinarian’s license suspended indefinitely

MANKATO, Minn. (KEYC) - Mankato Veterinarian James Rundquist’s license to practice has been suspended by the Minnesota Board of Veterinary Medicine.

The board made it’s ruling to suspend Rundquist’s license June 26 saying he has demonstrated incompetence and failed to conform to minimum standards of practice. He may not practice veterinary medicine and the board imposed a $25,000 administrative penalty against Rundquist.

His license was temporarily suspended by the board March 27. Since that time an administrative law judge reviewed the case and recommended the state board take disciplinary action.

Rundquist may petition to have his license reinstated following taking a prescribed course of continuing education and testing proving he can “conduct himself in a fit and competent manner in the practice of veterinary medicine,” the board stated.

The board reviewed a number of actions taken by Rundquist in his practice involving the course of care in his practice. In question were cases involving the use of and storage of drugs, unsanitary conditions, treatment of patients and the care of animals impounded at his clinic.

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