North Mankato set for the historic 2019 Medallion Hunt

North Mankato set for the historic 2019 Medallion Hunt

NORTH MANKATO, Minn. (KEYC) - With North Mankato celebrating its 120th Anniversary – get ready to join the hunt with North Mankato.

The city is organizing its first ever medallion hunt with the first clue being announced July 8th and the final clue on the 13th.

The city's website and social media accounts will release the information at the same time every day.

The medallion is small and gold with North Mankato's new leaf logo on it.

Once the medallion is claimed and the winner contacts City Hall, a 10–punch pool pass for the pool facility at Spring Lake Park will be awarded.

Public information officer, Anna Meyer says the clues will lead you to places you'll want to check out.

“We would hope that people in the search for the medallion would visit a bunch of different places around North Mankato and kind of brush up on their history by deciphering the clues,” Meyer said.

Meyer says clues are history based and will consist of rhymes and light–hearted fun that will make you think.

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