North Mankato takes a 120 year stroll through history

North Mankato takes a 120 year stroll through history

NORTH MANKATO, Minn. (KEYC) - The city of North Mankato takes its own trip through time, a 120–year stroll through history.

The stroll will feature an extensive historic program that will start with events during North Mankato Fun Days.

It’ll kick off with a guided tour on a double-decker bus that will bring visitors through historic sites in the city as you learn the facts about each location.

“You’ll hopefully be able to sit on the top of the bus and take a tour around North Mankato – that’ll be fun in itself – but then you also get a chance to learn about some of the different locations... and then also some of the people on the tour might be able to share fun stories about their growing up," city cleark April Van Genderen said.

Research for the program is an ongoing process and officials say the personal contributions of residents will play a big part in bringing the past to life.

“Part of all of this is to feel the engagement of it. If people contribute to an exhibit and it’s very much a community exhibition – it gives them a little something to feel connected to an exhibit,” Nicollet County Historical Society executive director Jessica Becker said.

In addition to the bus tour, the former municipal building, 443 Belgrade Avenue, will feature a history display on July 9 and 13.

One unusual story discusses what was once known as 'Mustache Days,' requiring all male residents of North Mankato to grow a mustache in anticipation for the trade show.

And a well–known face was involved.

“There was a designated day for them to start growing to make things fair – well there were a few who anticipated that day, and one of them was the mayor himself. He was convicted in kangaroo court,” Becker said.

The sentence was to have 1/16th of his mustache cut off.

The historic display will eventually expand and move to the Nicollet County Historical Society.

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