Mankato City Council approves resolutions for airport, Highway 169 corridor study

Mankato City Council approves resolutions for airport, Highway 169 corridor study

MANKATO, Minn. (KEYC) - The Council is considering Web Construction and final design services for the remodel of the Mankato Regional Airport Terminal.

Final design is expected to be complete by the end of July with construction starting in early to mid-August.

Construction should take approximately six months.

Also, the City Manager was authorized to enter into multi-year, multi-term agreements with North Star Aviation for the lease of Hangars 3030 and 3040.

Ringheim Family Limited Partnership, Inc., is requesting the preliminary and final plat review of Pond View Heights, a proposed subdivision of two lots.

Based on the original approval of Kearney Subdivision, the applicant will have to submit plans for review to determine if a planned unit development is required for the proposed future uses of the property.

The council also approved Revisions to the Operation and Maintenance Manual for the Minnesota River Flood Control Project.

The levee closure at Highway 169 is being updated with clay stockpiled in the 169/14 ramp embankment to HESCO barriers. This will allow for all-weather deployment of the closure by eliminating concerns with frozen soil by using sand filled HESCO barriers.

And finally the city authorized a joint Highway 169 corridor study.

The planned improvement through Mankato/North Mankato is aimed at improving safety at the Highway 14 interchange and other local roadway intersections, and to improve the flow of freight through the corridor.

The corridor plan will be prepared and included in the revised 10 year Long Range Transportation Plan for MnDOT District 7.

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