Celebrating 120 Years of North Mankato includes idea to revitalize the Gerlach Cultural Center

Celebrating 120 Years of North Mankato includes idea to revitalize the Gerlach Cultural Center

NORTH MANKATO, Minn. (KEYC) - Those interested in North Mankato history had a chance to get up close and personal with a guided bus tour.

For North Mankato’s 120th anniversary, the Nicollet County Historical Society led visitors to historic sites throughout Upper and Lower North.

Take a stroll through history!

Posted by The Gerlach Cultural Center on Wednesday, June 26, 2019

“I think the numbers speak for themselves a lot of excitement about learning about North Mankato history so excited for people to have that chance to get out and learn something different," North Mankato City Clerk April Vangenderen said.

Stops included the Belltower Apartments, Marigold Dairy and the area’s many historic homes

One of the places on the tour, the historic Gerlach Building.

The Gerlach Drive Team is working to return the former municipal building to its trademark status in lower North Mankato.

“It was nice little discovery, a hidden gem with in the community that maybe we didn’t know was here for a long time and when you come in it’s just like oh my gosh I would’ve never expected that this was here it just needs a little love and I think that we saw past maybe some of the things and saw what a little love could do," member of the Gerlach Drive Team Katie Heintz said.

“Kind of opens the doors for people in the community to come in and share their stories even earlier today, we had a gentleman stop by and he had a yearbook and was showing pictures of the play that he was in an eighth grade on this stage it’s really cool to be able to hear that history and be able to keep it alive,” Gerlach Drive Team member Holly Dodge added.

The team is looking for the public’s opinion on what they would like the space to be utilized for. You can visit the Gerlach Drive Team’s website to learn more about getting involved in the revitalization process.

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