All types of fans support the Aussie Peppers

All types of fans support the Aussie Peppers

NORTH MANKATO, Minn. (KEYC) - The Aussie Peppers have fans from all over the world and some of these devotees aren’t even human.

“This is Skippy and Skippy goes all over the world with us, he’s been to Holland, he’s been to Japan, he’s been to Canada and he’s now here in Mankato, Minnesota so g’day mate, this is Skippy.” John Wall, Aussie Peppers fan, said.

Skippy’s owners John and Julie Wall are in America to cheer on their daughter Jade Wall along with the rest of the Aussie Peppers.

“The team’s doing really well, they just seem to be hitting their straps right now and we’re so pleased to see Jade out there, she’s got a big smile on her face, you’ll always hear Jade before you see Jade,” Wall said.

Not only do the Wall’s enjoy supporting the softball team they’re relishing in all that the U.S. has to offer.

“Awe we love it, we’re semi–retired these days so we get to travel the world and there’s something about the states, I mean you guys know how to eat, you know how to put on a ball game, a softball game, a baseball game, the NFL we just love everything about the sports here in the U.S,” Wall said.

And of course Skippy is always near to bring spirit to the Jade and the rest of the Peppers squad.

“He just loves Jade, he’d probably say g’day Jade but he just loves coming here to see Jade as well so Skip is a big part of our family,” Wall said.

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