Mankato Moondog Josh Elvir set to compete in NWL Home Run Derby and All-Star Game

Mankato Moondog Josh Elvir set to compete in NWL Home Run Derby and All-Star Game

MANKATO, Minn. (KEYC) - Hi, I'm Ally Dudgeon, joining me now is Josh Elvir, Mankato Moondog. Josh how exciting is it to be invited to the NWL Home Run Derby?

“It’s definitely something new for me because I’ve never been invited to an event like this and throughout my life I’ve never really considered myself a home run hitter I’d say until about the last two years so getting invited to something like this is definitely different for me but I’m really excited for it,” Josh Elvir, Mankato Moondog outfielder, said.

How cool is it to be representing the Moondogs in this competition?

“It’s awesome because I played on this team last year just like my coach Wolly said and last year we had a really good year and we’re hoping to have another good year here in this second half so representing Mankato like this is really awesome,” Elvir said.

Do you know who's going to be throwing to you?

“As of right now I have Tyler Lesley throwing to me but we haven’t really had much time to practice on it but I think we’re going to try to practice on it today during early work but as of right now Tyler Lesley will be throwing to me,” Elvir said.

Do you guys have a bond or anything special that you chose him for?

“Yeah because we went to the same university together, we both go to Angelo State University so yeah I’ve known him for a while and we’ve just had a real good chemistry from the season we had last year together and then coming here and playing summer ball together, it’s really fun,” Elvir said.

Pete Alonso just won the MLB Home Run Derby, he played in the NWL, how cool is it to see someone that played in this league to onto the bigs and win that?

“It’s really awesome you know it’s something special because people don’t realize the talent that’s in this league really because people look at the Cape Cod League and see all the prospects there but realize that the Northwoods League has a lot of really good prospects and a lot of big leaguers right now that used to play in the Northwoods, so seeing a guy like that win the Home Run Derby is really special,” Elvir said.

Do you think you'll follow in his footsteps?

“I sure hope so, that would be awesome,” Elvir said.

Just how excited overall are you to be going to this derby and for this experience overall?

“Well now it’s actually real exciting for me because I just recently just found out today that I got a fill–in spot to be on the All–Star team so to be in the Home Run Derby and to play in the game is really awesome, I love it,” Elvir said.

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