4th showcase of the Dynamic Duos bike polo tournament

4th showcase of the Dynamic Duos bike polo tournament

MANKATO, Minn. (KEYC) - The 4th annual Dynamic Duos Bike Polo tournament wrapped up today at Spring Lake Park.

More than 70 individuals from all over the United States and Canada assembled for the 4–on–4 tournament–style competition.

This unique tournament style pairs up duos to fit the 4–on–4 style of play.

Colleen Synk traveled from Lansing, Michigan after hearing about the Dynamic Duos tournament for some time.

“You’re playing instead of 3 against 3, 4 against 4 and your kind of swapping out the first day with other people so you’re getting to play with different styles,” player Synk said.

To start game, the ball is placed at center court and teams line up at opposite ends.

Once the whistle blows, it’s a joust for a 15 minute frame.

The Bike Polo community has a strong presence across the nation and Elese Daniel from Cincinnati, Ohio praises said establish community.

“We all come from all different sorts of backgrounds of whatever, but this is a cool thing that we like to do together and we kind of get to wander around to do it,” player Daniel said.

With the tournament taking place in mid–July, participants made the most out of what Spring Lake Park had to offer.

“It’s super warm, but it’s July... this is a great court, two courts, lights, there’s a pond and a creek – we went and jumped in a lake yesterday because it was so hot,” Daniel said.

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