Ruby’s Pop-Up Pantry opens doors in Sherburn

Ruby’s Pop-Up Pantry opens doors in Sherburn

SHERBURN, Minn. (KEYC) - Ruby’s Pop-Up Pantry is setting up shop in Sherburn at the Regional Worship Center.

Every third Monday of the month at 6:00 p.m. Ruby’s Pantry employees and volunteers unload and disperse shares of food and paper products in Sherburn.

“The cost is $20 dollars cash and out of that $20 dollars, $18 goes back to Ruby’s Pantry, two dollars comes back to the Church to help other people out, so the Church doesn’t get any money out of it other than in a different fund to help other people when they need it,” said Kevin Urban, promotions coordinator for the Regional Worship Center.

Ruby’s Pantry serves multiple communities, more than doubling the amount of food families normally receive with a twenty dollar bill.

“You get two baskets for $20 dollars, that’s called a share, and if you want two shares it’s $40 dollars, and anybody qualifies; there’s no limits on the cost, if you eat food you can come, you know, we’d love to be there to help you,” said Urban.

The products are donated by other companies and grocery stores for the more than 70 locations Ruby’s Pantry serves.

“This door just opened up for us and someone came to me in March and I just jumped on it, this is what I like to do,” said pastor for the Regional Worship Center, Jeff Culver.

“I love to see the families, I love to see people getting help without being shamed. That’s really important to me, that’s like giving people a hand-up rather than a hand-out and I think that is significantly important to build dignity and to build self worth and to maintain self-esteem,” said Culver

In June, the Sherburn location served nearly 200 families.

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