Bulldog Youth Hockey Association hosts Try Hockey For Free

Bulldog Youth Hockey Association hosts Try Hockey For Free

LE SUEUR, Minn. (KEYC) - The Bulldog Hockey Association lent a helping hand to those wanting to try the great sport of hockey for free.

While our own Ally Dudgeon has experience figure skating in the past, the weekend sports anchors skills were put to the test out at the Le Sueur Community Center.

“I’m just going to do skate, gloves, and helmets” Ally Dudgeon, KEYC News 12 Weekend Sports Anchor, said.

Ally Dudgeon spends plenty of time talking hockey during her day job and now is trying the sport for the first time.

First, it’s time to suit up.

“These smell like hockey,” Dudgeon said.

“No, no I’m going to put the helmet on and then the gloves, I feel like that’ll be a better idea?” Dudgeon said.

Once all the protective gear is on, now comes the hard part of picking the perfect hockey stick.

“How tall is it supposed to be?” Dudgeon said.

After checking in on some of the others...

“Do you need a hand? Are you tired?” Dudgeon said.

Dudgeon took her turn on the ice.

“I can stop, I need a puck,” Dudgeon said.

Wasting no time getting into the action.

“Oops, sorry!” Dudgeon said.

With mixed results.

“See I’m a figure skater.” Dudgeon said.

While she may not be suiting up for a hockey team anytime soon...

“Oooo oo oo,” Dudgeon said.

There still are plenty of future players beginning to learn the sport thanks to the Bulldog Hockey Association.

“Used to figure skate so I promise I’m not that bad,” Dudgeon said.

The clinic will take place again Wednesday night around 7:00.

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