Hagedorn disinvites Indivisible to District Office

Hagedorn disinvites Indivisible to District Office

ST. PETER, Minn. (KEYC) - Congressman, Jim Hagedorn, said he and his staff will no longer meet with members of the Indivisible Group of St. Peter and Greater Mankato.

On the evening of July 15, members of the Indivisible group of St. Peter/Greater Mankato were notified via a letter from Congressman Jim Hagedorn that the staff in his Mankato district office will no longer be meeting with the group in-person.

“Really surprised and disappointed,” said the lead coordinator of Indivisible, Yurie Hong.

The letter states the reasoning as quote: “On Tuesday, June 18, one of your group’s leaders admitted to a member of my staff that your group is using visits to our district office to keep staff from attending to their other work.”

“We have never stated that our purpose was to waste time, we don’t want to waste anyone’s time, we don’t want to waste the time of the staff members in the office, we don’t waste time of our members or anyone who might come to share their concerns,” said Hong.

According to the group’s Facebook page, they are a progressive group and their lead coordinator said the visits became more crucial to them after Hagedorns’s “Tele-town Hall” in Nicollet County.

“Where many of us didn’t get that call and we couldn’t participate in that town hall because it was very restricted, it was invite only, and if that was going to be it then that was not acceptable or fair,” said Hong.

The letter states that the building management claims the visits are a disruption to other building tenants.

“And we have complied with every restriction the office has placed on us with how many people can be in the office to where we can wait, we’ve done so very politely,” said Hong.

The group has had 20 in-person meetings at the Mankato office in 2019.

Hagedorn states the group is welcome to town hall meetings and said he will host at least 18 more of them by May 31 of 2020.

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