Minnesota Lake Festag celebration, rich in tradition

Minnesota Lake Festag celebration, rich in tradition

MINNESOTA LAKE, Minn. (KEYC) - Minnesota Lake’s Festag celebration July 16 and 17 on their main street takes place with live music, good food and rich tradition.

Held on a Tuesday and Wednesday every year, the two-day celebration that nearly doubles the town's population for 48 hours is in its 67th year.

People line the streets for food, carnival rides, and this year the Johnny Holm Band.

Thanks to sponsors, the band is free and adds more beat to the family gatherings and fun at the two-day event.

“A lot of the same things, a lot of local people here, it’s kind of a family reunion time, grandkids come back, kids come back, class reunions, a lot of that going on this week, it’s just supposed to be some time for everyone to have fun in the middle of the summer,” said the Festag chairman, Richard Staloch.

The event continues July 17 with a parade at 7 p.m., carnival rides and fireworks.

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