Five new lawsuits filed in fatal Minnehaha school explosion

The lawsuits come more than two years after the natural gas explosion

5 new lawsuits filed in fatal Minnehaha school explosion

MINNEAPOLIS, Minn. (AP) - Five new lawsuits have been filed more than two years after a natural gas explosion caused part of Minneapolis school building to collapse, killing two people and injuring nine others.

The plaintiffs are Minnehaha Academy employees who say CenterPoint Energy and Master Mechanical knew their work was ``hazardous and abnormally dangerous'' but ``failed to inspect and close shut-off valves'' upstream from a gas meter. The plaintiffs include the school’s president who says she suffered a traumatic brain injury, the school’s soccer coach who lost a leg and three other employees who say they suffered concussions and post-traumatic stress disorder as a result of the August 2017 explosion .

Master Mechanical says it has respect for the legal process and the ongoing National Transportation Safety Board investigation. CenterPoint says it’s aware of the lawsuits and will continue to work toward a resolution.

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