Local figures LEEP’d into action at the charity softball game

Local figures LEEP’d into action at the charity softball game

MANKATO, Minn. (KEYC) - It was a packed house out at Franklin Rogers Park Wednesday night, but this time the stands weren’t filled for the Moondogs.

The ballpark was hosting the annual LEEP Lengends softball game and our own Lauren Andrego suited up for the contest, she also gave us some insight on what this event is really about.

“A lot of personalities, business owners, people who have been in the area for a long time were asked to compete, it’s the fifth year we’re doing LEEP Legends which is a charity softball game, all of the ticket sales go to LEEP which is Leisure Education for Exceptional People, it provides opportunities for people in our area to go do sports and all sorts of activities so it’s awesome and what I like about it is all the money is staying right here,” LEEP Legends outfielder Lauren Andrego, said.

Fans in the community had the opportunity to bid on sports memorabilia in a silent auction, purchase a Stunt Monkey bobblehead t–shirt, participate in a tennis ball toss and more. Portions of the proceeds made were donated to LEEP.

Along with supporting a good cause fans had the chance to spend time with loved ones and see just how athletic these local celebrities really are.

“I’m nervous, that’s the overwhelming feeling right now, my parents and my sister just came from Phoenix, I’ve got another sister from Wisconsin, I’ve got some old classmates here, but I’m excited to see how a lot of these people do, there are a lot of people I’ve known in the community for a long time and I’ve never seen them play softball before,” Andrego said.

And the fun didn’t stop when the game is over, an after party was held at Buffalo Wild Wings to celebrate the winning team as well as the effort that was put into making this event a success.

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