Blue Line Club hosts annual Dan Meyer Golf Classic

Blue Line Club hosts annual Dan Meyer Golf Classic

MANKATO, Minn. (KEYC) - It was a beautiful day for golf on Monday and over 130 players took advantage of it at the Mankato Golf Club in the annual Blue Line Club tourney.

“We’re out for the Dan Meyer Golf Tournament and combined with what we had last night with the Chad Brownlee event, we’re just trying to continue to progress what we have here with the hockey program and trying to progress saying thank you to the alumni, thank you to our supporters, the golf club here has been kind enough to host us and it’s been a phenomenal event,” Mike Hastings, MSU, Mankato Men’s Head Hockey coach, said.

“Mankato Golf Club is just so happy to again be hosting the Dan Meyer Classic and all the MSU events they have out here, great group of people, great supporters of the MSU program and of the game of golf out at Mankato Golf Club,” Dave Torbenson, Mankato Golf Club’s general manager, director of PGA, said.

“It’s really great, it’s tremendously put together, it’s exciting to be out here with so many great Minnesota Maverick hockey fans and their support of our program is really tremendous. We have a chance to have scholarship money given to our program which is very important and our girls have been very successful in the classroom and we’re excited about that and we let them know that that’s very important to us,” John Harrington, MSU, Mankato, Women’s Head Hockey coach, said.

Some former Maverick hockey players and current NHL players joined in on playing 18 to support the fundraiser.

“It’s just special for everyone I think who’s playing in this event, as well as us here at the club to have former players that have played for the MSU hockey team and have had so much success over the years, to have them here is really exciting,” Torbenson said.

“You know it’s amazing, David Backes, Chad Brownlee came out as I mentioned earlier on providing entertainment for all of our supporters and our alumni and we just want to continue to build what we have here and we’re doing that and it’s something that we’re incredibly excited about,” Hastings said.

Current players from the women’s hockey team were also in attendance.

“They always volunteer their time, they work at the raffle to get started with that to start, they’re out on the holes here and working on raising money themselves here. They know that it’s important to us and that they need to come out and help us and make this as successful as we can,” Harrington said.

The huge turnout for the tournament every year, shows how much the public supports the Maverick Hockey program.

“The amount of people that continue to contribute to what we’re trying to build is very exciting and we’re just trying to show what the special place is here in Mankato and the surrounding communities, it’s something that we should all be excited about,” Hastings said.

The MSU Women’s Hockey team is set to begin their 2019-2020 season on September 27 in New York. The men’s team follows with an exhibition game October 5 here in Mankato.

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