Nothing can stop the Blue Earth County Fair from kicking off Thursday

Nothing can stop the Blue Earth County Fair from kicking off Thursday

BLUE EARTH COUNTY, Minn. (KEYC) - This weekend we told you about how efforts setting up Blue Earth County’s fair were made more difficult by Saturday’s storms.

With the start of the free fair just days away, final preparations are being completed.

“Three months ago, four months ago we had ice chunks that were probably 20 foot long by 30 foot wide by probably 3 or 5 foot deep, those are gone. If you look along the river, you’ll see were the ice came through and demolished a bunch of trees but if you would’ve been back here in March, to see what the campground looked like or the fairgrounds looked like and to come out today you would say, oh my gosh it’s not the same place,” Blue Earth County Fair Association President Robin Tietz said.

Contractors, volunteers and fair board staff have been working tirelessly to get the fairgrounds ready. Namely, the grandstands.

“We need to get the grandstands completed, if we don’t get the grandstands completed, the events will still happen. You know, I just hope that people are kind when they get down there, realizing that there’s still a lot of work to do but we’re able to still put on an event. We tore down the bleachers that were there because they were pretty much underwater. There were only like three or four bleachers from the top that had no water on them and they’d been through numerous floods so they needed to go. The bleachers are little bit different this year, they’re portable bleachers, they’re not as high hopefully people will still get a good view, but there’ll be ample seating," Tietz added.

With the unpredictable weather, some extra precautions have been taken.

“This is the first year that I had to even contemplate rain insurance, but we did purchase rain insurance this year and if purchasing it keeps the rain away, it was the best money this fair board ever spent," Tietz said.

The insurance will cover the grandstand events - if they're rained out.

“Its months and months for four days but to see a smile on a kid’s face and for someone to come and say thank you for what you’re doing, it’s great.”

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