Town ball grows in popularity

Town ball grows in popularity

LAKE CRYSTAL, Minn. (KEYC) - Many people in and around southern Minnesota are spending their summer days playing town ball.

Some use this sport as a fun pass time, others are using the team to gain experience and to improve their game.

“There’s a lot of things that these kids can bring back, different pitches, seeing different fly balls, different hops, so it has a lot to do with it kind of all rubs off on each other, especially these guys who have played college ball, a lot of these kids learn different things about the game from those guys,” Alec Rogers, Cleveland Spider, said.

“It’s fun to watch and for him it can help him get more experience plus learn from older kids that he’s seen when he was younger that are playing like I said, gives him just more things, more at bats, baseball’s just one of those games you’ve got to play to get better at, you can do all the drills and stuff but you’ve got to play to get better because always something different happens in baseball,” Larry Walechka, Cleveland Spiders fan, said.

“Pitchers are throwing more speed as in high school some pitchers might only have a few types of pitches so it all depends on that, it’s great to see these guys develop as players,” Rogers said.

Whether the ball players are on the team for experience or just for a good time, they all agree that being out on the diamond with some buddies is the best part.

“Just being able to play with your friends, a lot of these guys I’ve known for a long time and coached them like I said, so it’s great to see these guys and to play with them during the summer,” Rogers said.

“Just being with the guys, you know having fun, making plays, that’s what we’re here for, hitting dingers you know that’s how it goes,” Kolten Barker, Lake Crystal Laker, said.

“It’s just fun to go watch baseball,” Walechka said.

This league is proving that baseball is of course, America’s favorite pass time.

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