Prairie Ridge Golf Course hosts Senior’s Memorial Tournament

Prairie Ridge Golf Course hosts Senior Memorial Tournament

JANESVILLE, Minn. (KEYC) - The seventh annual Senior’s Memorial Tournament took place Thursday morning at Prairie Ridge Golf Course in Janesville.

Jim King began a league in 1998 for seniors to come together and play nine holes on Thursday mornings.

Throughout the 20 plus years of the tournament, players have passed on and King thought it was important to remember these friends and opponents.

“Once a year they have a memorial for all the people that have played seniors and have passed on, so it’s kind of unique that we’re the only ones I think in the area that do that, so I think it’s kind of special,” Pete Hrdlicka, Prairie Ridge Golf Course member, said.

“It’s a pretty neat vibe, just looking back at the names on there and how many people have participated in this, it’s just a feel good event, I know our members really look forward to it,” Scott Allen, Prairie Ridge Golf Course general manager and head golf professional, said.

This Memorial tournament is special for the players but the men remember their friends that have passed on every Thursday when they have the opportunity to come together for a round.

“Well you play with different players every week, we use a system where you draw cards and it’s really nice to meet new people, play with your old friends, so every week’s a different game,” Jim King, Prairie Ridge Golf Course member, said.

“We used to have one of our members do it for us, it’s just gotten so big that I started helping out and now it’s my favorite day of the week, I just love being out here with the guys, seeing the comradery and everything, it’s been a blast,” Allen said.

“The friends you’ve met over the years and it’s fun to go out and enjoy it and come in and have a couple drinks maybe a cocktail here or there but it’s just fun to meet people and like I said, enjoy the day,” Hrdlicka said.

And while they are enjoying the day, the group has a motto for the annual tournament.

“Old golfers never die, they just play on through,” King said.

The men plan to continue this Senior Memorial tournament in the years to come.

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