Chris Hawkey kicks off Giant Days Celebration a weekend early

Chris Hawkey kicks off Giant Days Celebration a weekend early

LE SUEUR, Minn. (KEYC) - Le Sueur is kicking off its Giant Days Celebration a weekend early with a Chris Hawkey concert. The band wasn’t the only special guest Friday night.

For years, Le Sueur has been trying to get Chris Hawkey to play at their Giant Days Celebration.

“We’re lucky to be playing tonight for all the great people of Le Sueur. We’ve been talking about for a couple years and finding a way to get this done, we finally found a way to come down. It looks like it’s going to be a good crowd, it’s a beautiful day, I’m excited," Chris Hawkey said.

But the biggest excitement for tonight wasn’t just about getting the Chris Hawkey Band. Le Sueur native Sean Bruns just returned home after a 10 ½ month tour in Kuwait. Surprising his family and reuniting with an old friend.

“He came overseas that’s a big deal especially to us over there when you’re separated so far from home and to have a local Minnesotan come over, it’s it was super cool for us and the fact that he took time especially the Minnesota unit, he took time to sit down and interview all of us anyone who wanted to, was awesome," Sean Bruns with the 34th Infantry said.

“I met Sean overseas on Memorial Day weekend. Just happened to be over there playing a show. Did the radio show in the morning, played some songs in the afternoon, I was lucky enough to actually sit down and interview him on my radio show so I can’t wait to see him again at his hometown, it’s gonna be great," Hawkey added.

“I’m thankful to be home, I’m thankful for the support, 34th infantry thanks everyone. We look forward to serving our community our family and our friends,” Bruns said.

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