‘Slow Poke Law’ begins August 1

Slow Poke Law

MINNESOTA (KEYC) - Starting Thursday, a small slice of relief for Minnesota motorists with one big pet peeve.

The new ‘Slow Poke Law’ goes into effect August 1. That means drivers in the left lane could be fined if they don’t move over for faster vehicles.

This year, state legislators worked with the Minnesota State Patrol to clean up the old slow-moving vehicle law to say motorists need to move over if another driver is behind them.

Nothing in this law or any Minnesota law allows drivers to break the speed limit. If a car is going the speed limit, there's no need to pass them.

About a dozen other states have similar left lane laws.

The actual fine for the violation is $50, but there’s a general surcharge of $75, making the total ticket $125.

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