Mankato man to compete in X Games

Mankato man to compete in X Games

MANKATO, Minn. (KEYC) - The X Games are upon us and for the second year the competition will be held at U.S. Bank Stadium in Minneapolis.

Although the games is held in our state, only one man will be representing Minnesota in the flat track event.

Lowell Bronstad is one of 48 that has qualified to race in the flat track bout at the X games.

Bronstad started his racing career in motocross, but recently made the switch to a completely different type of riding.

“The motocross is a track that’s going to have jumps and turns, left and right, and you’re going to have whoop sections and all of that. Flat track, you’ve got two styles of flat track: you’ve got your regular oval or you’ve got a T — T track,” Bronstasd’s mechanic and friend Randy Braulick said.

“Our salesman is a flat track racer and he told me to come out since he knew I rode dirt bikes. So, we put some flat track tires on my motocross bike and haven’t stopped since,” Bronstad said.

Bronstad’s friend and mechanic Randy Braulick, along with Charlie Holm, created the bike from scratch and work hard to make sure it’s in prime condition for racing.

“We do all the wrenching on the bike and he does all the riding. Works out well because when you come off the track and you’ve got an issue with your bike, a lot of guys will do their own work on their bike, but he doesn’t have to. It’s nice, he can tell us what he wants improved and we’ll try to improve it,” Braulick said.

“Depends on the track. If it’s a short track, we’ll have to change up the gearing, so I’ll go out there and if there’s something I don’t like I’ll come back after I’m done and he’ll change up the gearing and just make it right,” Bronstad said.

With this being Bronstad’s first year qualifying for the X Games, he plans to race hard but is thrilled to have even made it this far.

“It’s unreal, really. I’ve always wanted to be part of the X games and now I’m actually going to do it so I’m pretty excited,” Bronstad said.

“It’s anybody’s game there. These guys are all running really close. He could do really good, he could take it. A lot of it is the whole shots and that’s the one thing Lowell’s very good at is whole shots,” Braulick said.

The X Games begin Thursday, while Bronstad will compete in the first round flat track racing on Sunday.

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