Spring Lake Park Pool finally opens its doors for swimmers

Spring Lake Park Pool finally opens its doors for swimmers

NORTH MANKATO, Minn. (KEYC) - It’s out with the old and in with the new in Lower North Mankato.

Wednesday afternoon was the grand re-opening of Spring Lake Park Pool.

“I’m looking forward to that rock climbing wall over there,” said Peyton Jones.

The $3.2 million renovation project is complete, giving kids in the North Mankato area a pool they’ve never had in the region before.

Peyton’s brother, Lucis Jones, wasn’t particularly fond of the last pool.

“Well, I kind of liked it. But yeah... I kind of liked it,” Lucis said.

The new pool features a liner, no more sand bottom, in the interest of safety.

In addition to the liner, rock climbing walls, diving platforms, zip lines, and slides have all been added as well.

“This is a huge investment by the city and its residents and its taxpayers on really trying to improve the quality of life of North Mankato," said North Mankato Mayor Mark Dehen. "This is a step in that direction and we look forward to this serving the community for the next 30 or 50 years like the last one did.”

Construction didn’t come without headaches, however.

In the midst of one of the wetter summers in recent memory, precipitation kept delaying key steps in the project.

“We had hoped to have this open by the end of May or middle of June and the rain just kept keep coming and coming," Mayor Dehen added. "Every time it did, it delayed getting the liner installed. Thankfully we finally got it done. The pool is full and ready to go and so we are really looking forward to getting kids in here today because we know they are ready to be in here.”

This renovation is the largest done on the pool since its inception in 1969.

It was done so identifying kids in potential danger would be a little bit easier than looking through murky brown water.

“The water is crystal clear and it’s on that bright blue bottom and really looks sharp. It’s going to make it a lot safer for all of our kids and our guests,” Mayor Dehen concluded.

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