Waterville daycare provider goes above and beyond during deployment

Waterville daycare provider goes above and beyond during deployment

WATERVILLE, Minn. (KEYC) - A Waterville daycare went above and beyond when one of her parents was deployed.

“I think it’s a concern for anyone who deploys, well what about my kid. This is my third deployment but it’s my first one with a daughter so I’d definitely say, it was a lot more stressful because you’re not here and they change a lot in just a few short months, let alone being gone for 10," Minnesota Army National Guard SSgt. Anna Anguilar said.

“There’s a string attached from my heart to yours and mommy has a string attached to her heart to yours and so whenever you feel sad she can feel that, when you feel happy she can feel that,” Little Wonders Daycare Provider Brenda Novack added.

Brenda has been a part of Aurora’s life since she was just seven weeks old.

“I’ve watched her take her first steps and say her first words and grow in to be this amazing little girl," Novack said.

Throughout her deployment, Anna flew a flag over base for several people in her family. And one, non-family member. Brenda. Now, she’s able to pass that on.

“Daycare providers are a lifesaver especially when they’re as flexible and as accommodating as Brenda has been for us. Because as a single parent, we’re normally not, but there’s plenty of single parents out there so I can only imagine how they feel toward their daycare person so it’s been a tremendous help," Anguilar said.

Brenda recently earned a Parent Aware 3 Star Rating for her commitment to the families she serves.

“Receiving this flag, it means more than my three star that I worked my tail off to get,” Novack added. "Appreciation is something that we don’t always see in this job. We take what we can from the kids, all the little hugs and the little thank you’s and we watch all their little milestones and that’s generally my gratitude but to have a parent show me the gratitude it means a lot.”

While Aurora starts kindergarten this year, she will still attend Little Wonders Daycare.

“She can stay with me as long as she wants," Novack added.

With her experience, Brenda is happy to share advice with any daycare provider caring for a child whose parent is deployed.

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