Let’s Stay Home Boutique built on more than a love for clothing

Let’s Stay Home Boutique built on more than a love for clothing

TRUMAN, Minn. (KEYC) - A seasonal boutique in Truman that opened in 2018 is revamping and opening up their grain bin doors.

Let’s Stay Home Boutique is adding their own twist to the shopping experience at a store that is housed in a grain bin and was built on more than just a love for clothing.

Let’s Stay Home Boutique’s journey started unexpectedly.

“Way back when, when Kait was one, she had encephalitis, she got really sick one night and she ended up having a lot of brain damage on the right side of her brain,” said Val Pesta, Let’s Stay Home Boutique’s owner.

Pesta says Kait Wilcox’s brain development took a halt in 5th grade and with Wilcox’s recent battle with seizures, doctors said she would need to kept under a closer watch.

“I told work we had to go and we were going to kind of focus on Kait and what was going to happen there and we wanted a purpose, we wanted something to do, we were getting a little bored,” said Pesta.

That’s when Let’s Stay Home Boutique became a reality.

“'What does she want to do, what is her little niche?' And we kind of had to decide what she wanted to do,” said Pesta.

“This is where I, where I belong. I love being around people I love doing what I do,” said Wilcox.

Let’s Stay Home Boutique has a unique story, but through the trials, through the journey, the end is all worth it.

“It’s better for Val and Kait, for Val to be able to support Kait, to be here to help her and it gave us an opportunity to do something on the farm, make use of the history we have at this place,” said Darin Pesta.

The store is open on the first and third weekends of every month and their hours for the first weekend in August are Friday from 12to 9 p.m. and Saturday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

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