Lake Crystal hosts first ever community Night to Unite

Lake Crystal hosts first ever community Night to Unite

LAKE CRYSTAL, Minn. (KEYC) - The City of Lake Crystal hosted its first ever Night to Unite.

The Lake Crystal Police Department invited the community to come out for a meal, kids were able to climb around a squad car and ambulance while residents socialized with the officers who patrol their streets night and day.

“You want to have that face-to-face, that name to name because you will see numerous times over and over it’s not like a large city like Minneapolis where you may see an officer once and never see them again. Here, these guys work the same shift a lot of times they’re in the schools, they’re in the nursing homes, they’re in the assisted-livings so it’s the same people, the same faces and you want to know that their personality types and get to know them personally," Blue Earth County Chief Deputy Mike Mauer said.

Lake Crystal EMS also unveiled their brand-new ambulance.

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