St. Peter drawing group makes friends and beautiful art

St. Peter drawing group makes friends and beautiful art

ST. PETER, Minn. (KEYC) - For many of us, Monday mornings are busy.

But in the basement at the Arts Center of St. Peter at 9 a.m., a drawing group gathers.

“It’s not a class,” said Joel Moline, the group’s founder.

But there's plenty of learning.

“Just encouraging each other,” Artist Peggy Draheim said. “We all appreciate each other’s creations.”

“Most of the time, you’re sort of very involved in what you’re doing and time just sort of evaporates," Moline added. "Concentrating on the moment and sometimes we’re conversing with the model or with one another.”

This group was formed nearly 30 years ago and it has become a tradition.

“I was sketching with a friend and we had a model and someone else said ‘I might enjoy joining you’ and then just more and more people came,” Moline continued.

“We sort of formed a group and we’ve been meeting ever since,” Moline said.

“It’s just a wonderful mix of people,” added Draheim.

One model, fewer than a dozen artists, and 20 minutes per sketch.

“Twenty minutes gives us several different chances to either succeed or fail,” Draheim said.

They look, study and put to paper beautiful detail.

“When you see the finished product, you might not know it was all from the same source,” Draheim added.

There are endless possibilities with their art.

“I think people have the idea that artists always produce something good. This is a group of practicing artists and they know that of the four or five drawings you get in the morning, you might have one that’s successful,” Draheim said.

For each pose, the model becomes a statue. Paper and pencil becomes art.

Here there's always conversation, music and jokes.

Most in this group are retired.

“This is a good time to explore an interest you’ve always wanted to do," Draheim said. "This is a very non-threatening thing to do!”

“If you want to come and draw stick people, you know, come,” Draheim concluded.

If you’re asking yourself if this group is for you, it just might be! You can find more information about the St. Peter drawing by selecting “more details."

 Drawing Group
WhenMon, August 12, 9am – 12pm
WhereGallery (map)
DescriptionThe Drawing Group is closed, but welcomes inquiries from models. Models are clothed and hold 20-minute poses with 10-minute breaks from 9 a.m. - 12 p.m. Models receive a small stipend. Inquire at

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