Gaylord Eggstravaganza brings International Owl Center Program

Gaylord Eggstravaganza brings International Owl Center Program

GAYLORD, Minn. (KEYC) - The International Owl Center Program stopped in Gaylord as part of the town’s Eggstravaganza Friday.

“I think it’s an animal that they don’t see every day, so they’re really excited to see it," said Miss Gaylord Rebekah King.

The program brought Ruby, a great horned owl, to teach kids and adults about the bird.

Kids also got to participate in a trivia game.

Sue Fletcher, an educator with the program, informed the audience about the special care the birds need and other fun facts.

For example, she informed the audience that raising a baby owl is not only illegal, but it is also not safe, because if they are released back into the wild they might mistake people as their mothers.

Rat poison is also harmful to owls because owls prey on rats.

“And this particular owl species is found all throughout the United States. She’s very common around this area. She’s one of the largest owls that we have that are here all year long," Fletcher said.

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