Breakfast on the Farm teaches locals about where their food comes from

Breakfast on the Farm teaches locals about where their food comes from

MADISON LAKE, Minn. (KEYC) - The Le Sueur and Blue Earth County Farm Bureaus hosted Breakfast on the Farm at the Dauk Family Farm, Saturday.

There were enough eggs, sausages, cups of milk, pancakes and more to feed 2500 people.

But it wasn't just a typical breakfast.

The food came from local farms.

“Eggs, well, from a chicken farm around the area. The sausage from a hog farm. Milk from a dairy farm around here," said Dauk Family Farm owner Scott Dauk.

Dauk said it’s important that people know who produces their food.

“They need to have a chance to see where it actually comes from and how it’s produced, and show that we are treating the land respectfully," he said.

According to farmer and Le Sueur County Farm Bureau board member Sara Hewitt, the educational aspect to Saturday’s event was also important.

“Farming has changed a lot, just in the last 20 years, so when you can see the modern equipment that’s being used and just the different things farmers are doing, it definitely makes a big impact on what people really think about agriculture," she said.

She also noted data that comes from information recently released from the National Farmers Union this year.

“And we ask that people just kind of recognize that only 14 cents of every consumer’s food dollar is actually returned back to the farmer," she said.

Dauk said he was happy with this years’ turn out and said visitors also got to participate in other activities as well, including getting the chance to feed baby cows.

“Visit some animals, see equipment and just get their impression of the farms," he said.

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