Love in Mankato set to give families free necessities for the 6th year

Love in Mankato set to give families free necessities for the 6th year

MANKATO, Minn. (KEYC) - In just a couple weeks, the House of Worship Church will host its 6th annual Love in Mankato community event.

“An overflow of love. Just the vision for it simply is to demonstrate love in a tangible way. You know, so many time we say ‘I love you’ but we want to demonstrate it to as many people as possible. At the event, what happens is love is shown in so many different ways," lead pastor of the House of Worship David Coffee said.

Love in Mankato, is just that.

Last year’s event drew a big crowd at Sibley Park where families got a financial break with access to free clothing, diapers and school supplies.

And to celebrate the gifts, families got to make a day of it with free food and activities.

“It gets really expensive for families just get out and have a great time. We work hard. You know, all of us work really hard and we need those breaks and time to socialize with our community, our neighbors, our friends and our families,” pastoral counselor Priscilla Coffee said.

This year, the event is looking to build on its already strong foundation.

Families can expect a resource center to get connected with resources all around.

This event, founded by the Coffee's, is intended to bring members of the community together and the atmosphere that comes of it is one of a kind.

The two moved to Mankato in 2010 and what they done in a short time inspires them.

“It brings a huge smile to our face, sometimes we just sit back and go ‘Is this really happening?’ ‘Look at all of these people!’ Everybody’s coming and I think one of my favorite things... is when people ask a question like ‘Why are you doing this?’ And we’re able to say, because we love you, we just want to show love,” David Coffee said.

The event is open to anyone as there are no guidelines.

“We don’t check for identification or the level of need or anything like that. Anyone can come and get anything that they need, as much as they need it,” Priscilla Coffee said.

Donations will be accepted until the 19th of August.

And with an event of this magnitude, volunteers are needed.

For information on how to sign up or donate, visit:

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