Minnesota New Country School celebrates 25 years

Minnesota New Country School celebrates 25 years

HENDERSON, Minn. (KEYC) - The Minnesota New Country School in Henderson celebrated its 25th Anniversary Saturday.

Founded in 1994, the K-12 charter school is not your typical education system.

It practices individualized project based learning. Where teachers help guide students in curriculum they are interested in.

Twenty five years ago, the founders pushed for this vision.

“What they wanted to do was disrupt the system. They wanted to create something they knew was beneficial to students based on what they knew as educators. They started by getting rid of everything they didn’t’ want in a school. They got rid of bells, they got rid of walls. And then they said what do we want and what came down to it was putting student’s first and student ideas,” school leader Jim Wartman said.

The celebration included student performances, guest speakers, games and food.

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