Midnight practice kicks off fall sports season

Midnight practice kicks off fall sports season

MAPLETON, Minn. (KEYC) - The fall sports season is officially here as teams kickoff the 2019 season.

For fall high school athletes, summer is over.

And the time to gear up for game day is now, at midnight, on the day fall sports begin.

“So much fun.” said Ellie Wilde.

“I’m pretty pumped, it’s pretty awesome,” said Nathan Trio.

What began as the football team kicking off preseason with a midnight practice a year ago, now also extends to the Maple River volleyball and tennis teams.

“We have lights, why the heck can’t we do it? That’s how I thought about it, it’s a fun team, we come hang out. I hung Christmas lights, and we jam, that’s what I wanted it to be,” said Lea Zuern.

“Tonight was just, this morning I suppose, was just a way to get the nerves out of our players, and have fun. Kick off the season with a low stress activity and the girls really enjoyed it,” said Jackie Doering.

“It’s our first year doing it, but I think doing this and getting ready as a team will be essential later on,” said Sophie Christian.

Setting the tone for the first week of practice.

“It’s kind of one of those things, Friday Night Lights, you’re here on a Monday, the lights are on. It brings that chill down your spine as a former high school football player. To flip that switch for the first time in 2019. I told the kids, it’s an opportunity to start practicing as soon as we possibly can. We want to make our seasons as long as possible,” said Dusty Drager.

“We really are ready to get going, get rolling early. It gets us up and early, stretched out and feeling good for the rest of the week,” said Quinton Kollos.

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