Waterville eyes deep run at state

Waterville eyes deep run at state

WATERVILLE, Minn. (KEYC) - The Waterville Indians are back in the amateur state tournament after recently being on a 30 game winning streak.

We caught up with the squad that's hoping to make a deep run at state.

“First of all, it’s been a blast, we had our first loss against Northfield the first game. We kick off the season when college ball is still going. It’s been about being part of a team. We have guys that could play anywhere else in our class. We have guys that sit on the bench that should be playing, but they’re okay with that. We have the depth, and that’s how the 30 games have come together,” said Nate Lee.

A two-hit complete game shutout by Dalton Grose helped the Waterville Indians punch their tickets to state in a 4-0 victory over Belle Plaine.

The victory is just the latest from a team that’s firing on all cylinders.

“I think we just work really well together. Our pitchers do a good job of throwing strikes, and when they put the ball in play, we usually do a pretty good job of making the plays,” said Shane Sellner.

The squad is full of chemistry and features a few different sets of family members including the Sellner brothers doubling as battery mates.

“We know how we play with each other and know each others game. It’s easy for him to know what pitches to call for me and it’s a lot of fun,” said Luke Sellner.

“It’s actually a lot of fun to watch those guys play together and get those opportunities. They actually got to play in a game where all three were on the field at the same time and that was really special,” said Sam Stier.

“It’s fun playing with family, and at the park, my dad is always here, my grandma is always here, that’s fun too,” said Grose.

Now the focus is set on winning at state.

“We can be really dangerous like we have been. We have all the pieces, it’s come together this year. We can make a run if we play well,” said Sellner.

“I think every team that is still playing should say they have a chance to make it to the final make it, but that’s our goal. Make it to the final weekend and anything can happen. Just take it one game at a time,” said Grose.

“It’s baseball, you just get to go out and have fun. There isn’t any outside pressure, we just play, and hopefully the results speak for themselves,” said Stier.

Waterville played in a seeding game for the state tourney this weekend and fell to Jordan, 4-3.

The squad will hit the field for its first game at state next weekend against St. Benedict in the first round of play.

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