Mankato City Council amends alcohol restriction zones and accept bids for new Pow Wow arbor

Mankato City Council amends alcohol restriction zones and accept bids for new Pow Wow arbor

MANKATO, Minn. (KEYC) - At the Mankato City Council Meeting on Monday, all items on the agenda passed including an addition to Land of Memories Park and allowing alcohol at certain lots at Minnesota State University for the 2019 season’s home football games.

All agenda items passed, including the addition of the Pow Wow Circle at Land of Memories Park.

Total contract cost for the resurrection of the circular arbor is more than $210,000 dollars, with more than $170,000 dollars of that portion coming from sales tax.

The goal is to have an area for the Mankato Pow Wow on September 20, held by the Dakota community.

“Forty five years they’ve been coming back for the annual Pow Wow, it’s a big part of the reconciliation we’ve been making for a long time with the Dakota people,” said Deputy City Manager Alison Zelms.

Concerns over the limited amount of time to build the arbor and use of money led to lengthy discussion.

“To say yes now just because we’re trying to get it done in four weeks?" asked City Council Member Jessica Hatanpa. "That’s what I’m wondering, is what are the negatives or potential implications to waiting?”

“I know Mankato used to have the reputation for a very long time where, even some of the elders used to say years ago, whatever you do, don’t drive through Mankato, but that’s changed, this Pow Wow is a homecoming for a lot of other people and the tribes,” Chair of the Mankato Pow Wow Dave Brave Heart.

The Mankato Wacipi Pow Wow Committee is paying for $62,000 dollars worth of the total cost and is continuing to raise funds.

Other items passed on the agenda included approving the motion to exempt parking lots seven and 20 at MSU from Mankato’s City Code 9.74, in turn, allowing the consumption and possession of alcoholic beverages at those lots for MSU’s 2019 home football games.

Concerns over past experiences, such as the riot of 2003, were noted and public safety measures will be taken to keep everyone safe during MSU football games.

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