Sleepy Eye Food Shelf gets new home

Sleepy Eye Food Shelf gets new home

SLEEPY EYE, Minn. (KEYC) - The Sleepy Eye Food Shelf is run by the community, for the community.

Every part of the process, including buying, shelving, distributing, is done by volunteers.

“Everybody has been from day one. There have been no paid people whatsoever. We all decided we’re gonna help out and that’s it,” said volunteer Josie Rose.

Josie Rose has been helping since just after the food shelf opened in 1986.

And Tuesday she helped lead dozens of volunteers, of all ages, lending a helping hand to transport all the food shelf’s supplies from the basement of the old Sleepy Eye Police Department, to its brand-new home.

“We’ve never liked being down here because of the steps. It makes it a little difficult for elderly and handicapped people,” Randy Krzmarzick, a board member of the Sleepy Eye Food Shelf, said.

The new facility, on ground level, is unused municipal property that the City of Sleepy Eye gave to the food shelf.

They also pick up the non-profit's utility bills.

So donors know, anything they give, goes straight to those who need it.

“Most of our clients are here year-round and for whatever reason. Maybe they’ve lost a job or have some additional medical expenses, there’s a need for a little extra, and we’re able to help with that,” Krzmarzick added.

For more information on the food shelf or how you can help, visit the Sleepy Eye Area Food Shelf’s website or the Sleepy Eye Food Shelf Facebook page.

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