Fairmont business owners aim to create town unity with t-shirts

Fairmont business owners aim to create town unity with t-shirts

FAIRMONT, Minn. (KEYC) - Four Fairmont business owners have come together with a mission to bring the community together after a recent divide in opinion on city council leadership.

Despite being competitors, Jay Doyscher, Sara Cyphers, Kim White and Betsy Tino came together to create “Team Fairmont."

Mayor Deb Foster approached the business owners with an idea for a t-shirt campaign.

The group responded by creating “Team Fairmont” t-shirts and bracelets that people can wear to represent town unity.

“Well in the last couple months there’s been some turmoil within our community. We felt the community is fractured," Doyscher, owner of The Visual Identity Vault, said.

The shirts are available at the four stores.

“Showing that we can work together I think is a great example for everyone in our community," Cypher, owner of D&S Trophies & Embroidery, said.

And they are excited for the future.

“There’s several businesses in Fairmont that do the same thing. And we all need to work together to survive in a small community," White, owner of Fairmont Awards, said.

The shirts are also available at the The Visual Identify Vault and Fairmont Awards booths at the Martin County Fair.

“We would love it if any other businesses wanted to collaborate with us and help grow with events and make this a beautiful community with five lakes," said Tino, owner of Minuteman Press.

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