55+ year olds participate in SAIL class

55+ year olds participate in SAIL class

LAKE CRYSTAL, Minn. (KEYC) - The Lake Crystal Area Recreation Center held a SAIL class, also known as Staying Active and Independent in Life, Wednesday for individuals 55 years and older.

The class is a part of the Active and Aging Programs sponsored by the Catholic Charities.

The program gives residents of small towns an opportunity to improve their health and well–being, at no cost.

Participants can expect low impact aerobics, balance exercises, strength and more.

The evidence–based exercise program was developed by the Washington State Department of Health.

“We’ve had people that have given up their walkers and given up their canes since they started coming to our program. I felt the last 2 years of my husband’s life really kept him alive, because we had they offer what the rec center gives to us,” class instructor Colette Stone said.

The hour–long class runs year–round every Monday and Wednesday.

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