New mural at Fallenstein nearing completion

New mural at Fallenstein nearing completion

NORTH MANKATO, Minn. (KEYC) — If you’ve been up to the Fallenstein Playground in North Mankato, Minn., recently, you would have noticed a new mural being implemented with the jungle gym.

Butterflies, bees and other outdoor things will catch the eye as you’re passing by.

Located in the central tunnel, this mural is meant to get kids exposed to and interact with a larger painting.

“Just really excited for the playground to have a form of visual where I think the visitors can learn from, they can engage with each other and they can engage with adults," 410 Project Executive Director Dana Sikkila said. "It’s not just a mural for younger people it’s a mural for everyone.”

Weather permitting, the mural should be complete by Friday night.

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