Chain saw artists bring unique booth to Martin County Fair

Chain saw artists bring unique booth to Martin County Fair

MARTIN COUNTY, Minn. (KEYC) - The Martin County Fair a time of the year for foods like shark on a stick, nachos and cheese curds and activities such as carnival rides, bouncy houses and chain saw carvings.

“I kind of started getting into chain saw carvings before my husband and I drug him into it because I needed someone to sharpen my chains and mix gas. Then we started having more fun together,” Bess Coy said.

And that’s how Coy’s Custom Carvings was born.

For years, Bess and her husband, Tracy, have been making creative wood carvings with chain saws.

Earlier this week, for the first time, the duo took their talents to a county fair.

Carving the whole week, Bess has some favorite projects from the last few days.

“I carved my big pig over here, the got bacon, and it was fun," Coy added. "The kids loved it because they like to see the Curly Q Tail.”

And for her husband Tracy.

“I like my husband’s 4-H bench. It was out of some logs we have at home. I believe in sustainability, meaning keep your logs, take care of them and you never know you could use that piece," Bess Coy said. Even an oddball piece!”

The interaction with people at the fair is what sticks out on this project.

Many are surprised to learn she is a female carver.

Coy is a high school art teacher by trade, so she encourages all young women to explore different callings.

“I just think it’s good to work with power tools, not be scared of getting dirty and be creative,” Bess Coy said.

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