Cougars looking to prove themselves in the 2019 season

Cougars looking to prove themselves in the 2019 season

MANKATO, Minn. (KEYC) — The Mankato East Cougars are looking to prove themselves this football season and bounce back after a 3–6 season in 2018.

“We’ve seen a lot of play-making going on in the first three days. A lot of good things, both sides of the ball. Our special teams are coming along pretty well and it’s a process,” Head Coach Eric Davis said.

“Basically, all around, I’d say, we have a great o–line, great position players, I think we can spread the ball out evenly,” senior Linebacker Kolin Baier said.

“We can put our second team in and just dominate our first team, or we can put our first team in and dominate our second team, so everybody is playing great and bonding as a team,” senior Left Tackle Jordan Merseth said.

That team camaraderie translates to their ability to connect on the grid iron.

“Most of the guys on the team are my best friends off the field, so just kind of hanging out with the boys on the field. We know each other, we know what we can do,” Merseth said.

“It’s just fun to be out there with your friends just having a good time. You stop thinking about the game so much and you start just having fun and that’s when you start to win,” Baier said.

Leadership is another factor that the team is relying on for success this season.

The Cougars are using an unconventional style to drive the squad.

“Our leadership team has been chosen by their peers, rather than have a team captain or two or three captains. We try to choose people throughout grade levels in our program, basically just having that link between the players and the coaches. We have conversations with our leaders in terms of what the team needs, certain ways I can phrase things that might make sense to me as a coach, but we’re not trying to talk to coaches, we’re trying to talk to high school football players,” Davis said.

“It helps us form that team first attitude. We’re all for each other, so when we can play for each other we play a lot better,” Baier said.

The Cougars will take their talents to the grid iron for their first game of the season Friday, Aug. 30 at home against Kasson–Mantorville.

“There’s a lot of energy, ready for a fun season,” Baier said.

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