New mural coming to Mom and Pop’s

New mural coming to Mom and Pop’s

MANKATO, Minn. (KEYC) — Fans of Mankato’s Mom and Pop’s Ice Cream Shop will soon have a new mural to greet them when they visit.

Artist Abby Daleki said the painting will be abstract, full of color and of course inspired by ice cream.

She is hoping to finish the mural in the next two weeks.

The mural will be located along the patio entrance to the shop.

“I’m thinking about it the way I make my paintings, and the way I do that is gut feeling with color, and I make a lot of big colored shapes, and so that’s kind of how I’m approaching this, is the way I’d approach a normal painting," Daleki said.

Daleki said there will be an abstract ice cream cone somewhere in the painting.

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