Bell of honor comes to Wells

Bell of honor comes to Wells

WELLS, Minn. (KEYC) -The City of Wells honored fallen heroes today by showcasing the Bell of Honor.

For Well’s 150th Anniversary celebration Lyle Doerr Jr wanted to find a way to honor heroes.

“I got to thinking how I can honor my dad who was a veteran and honor all our veterans and our firefighters, law enforcement and EMTS,” Doerr said.

With the help from fellow anniversary board members Doerr was able to bring the Bell of Honor to Wells’s Area Veteran’s Memorial Park to symbolize the respect and honor for fallen heroes in a ceremony.

The bell came from Rochester and was escorted by the American Legion motorcycle rider’s and the police and fire department.

As it did in history, the bell rang seven times. The first six tolls are to honor those who have ,responded, served, protected, defended, sacrificed and suffered. The seventh toll signifies the loss of life.

Veteran brothers Gary and James Kauffman reflected on those they lost to war. “I lost four classmates in Vietnam," said James.

“I lost some buddies as well also that I knew,” Gary added. “It’s sad but still you feel proud of these people because they gave up their lives for us.”

Actor, Bryce Stenzel portrayed Abraham Lincoln at the ceremony and recited the Gettysburg Address to remind us of our freedom.

“I think we Americans are so used to freedom we take it for granted but freedom isn’t free,” Stenzel said.

The ceremony concluded with a three volley salute from the Wells area Color Guard which consists of VFW and American Legion members from Wells and the surrounding communities.

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